SmartGlass App Controls Xbox One From Your Mobile

Recently, Microsoft has launched SmatGlass app for Xbox One for free. It allows you to control your console straight from your smartphone or tablet. I confess, it simplifies a lot your life!

The app connects with your video game using the wi-fi connection and most actions you need to do on Xbox One’s menus, may all be done remotely.

The greatest advantage is to provide the option to type away from the joystick, which is a matter only for the most avid players. So feel free to use it for writing emails, passwords and even search surfing the web.

As soon as you make the menus available thru SmartGlass, a keyboard pops up on the screen of your cellphone or tablet in order for you to insert all the information with the screen touch. The first time I ever used this feature, I fell in love, outstanding! A lot easier, in fact. To make things simple, it is like SmartGlass has become your Xbox One remote control.

Another benefit is to be able to communicate with your online friends from anywhere, even if the app is not connected with Xbox One. You may reply messages, add friends, go over activities historic, all straight from that app, anywhere you might be.

A few games will also release extra features to be used on SmartGlass as you play the game. I believe it will be Wii U alike, having a second screen to support the gameplay. Dead Rising 3, for instance, will work releasing new missions, flight attacks help, survivors news, etc. As a matter of a fact, without SmatGlass the player will loose a lot of a game potential content.

Working as a remote control during your movies, you will be able to pause, play, make hands gestures. All of the Xbox One catalogs will be available on SmartGlass including movies, games, and other apps.

Have a look below if you own a device compatible with SmartGlass. Choose below which one you have and download it:


Windows Phone

iOS iPhone – iOS iPad


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